Come See Our Collection


At USA Antiques & More, we procure and sells a vast selection of antiques and estate sale items. Being in business for nearly a decade, we’ve had the unique opportunity to develop a distinctive collection including hundreds of pieces of furniture, decorative items, artwork, china, lighting, and more from various eras of vintage past.


Our furniture collection features diverse pieces from the Victorian era, the Golden Age, the 1950s, and beyond. Our selection features items from all over the globe, including our specialty in Asian furniture. From wardrobes to cabinets to bedroom settings, the furniture collection at USA Antiques & More provides variety and wonder.

Home Furnishings

We feature an array of home furnishings from each era. Our shop includes vintage vases, Victorian decorative pieces, unique historical items, frames, and distinguished linens.


Our lighting collection is artfully displayed from above in our shop. We have an arrangement of  lighting fixtures from each decade and from various countries. As you look above from our shop floors, Art deco, Edwardian, the 1960s, and other periods illuminate the store. In addition to our lighting fixtures, USA Antiques & More features a wide assortment of lamps.


USA Antiques & More has curated an excellent selection of framed and unframed art work from various time periods and art movements. Our collection features works from the Pop Art movement, religious art, abstract art, Realism, and more!