Tips for Discovering Vintage Finds at a Flea Market

If you enjoy going to flea markets, you must know the feeling of finding a valuable, attractive vintage item at a great price. However, you will not be so lucky at all flea markets. The keys to finding a great vintage item at a reasonable price are going to the right kind of flea market, arriving at the right time, considering the quality of an item, and building good relationships with your favorite vendors.

Research the Flea Market Before You Go

It is easy to find out which flea markets will have the kinds of items you want by looking them up on a review site. While some flea markets sell vintage treasures like beautiful furniture and collector’s items, other flea markets are known for selling commonplace household items and cheap CDs. There are also some flea markets in hip or affluent neighborhoods where everything is expensive. People are happy to be honest while sharing about flea markets they have visited, because they want others to have an enjoyable flea market trip. Visit the website of the flea market you are considering, and look for a list of the vendors who will be there. If you know in advance which vendors you want to visit, you are less likely to leave the market empty-handed.

Arrive Late

Because flea markets open so early in the morning, and it actually costs more to enter the flea market early, it might be your first instinct to arrive as early as possible so you can start shopping before everyone else. However, you will probably get a better price for something you want if you buy it later in the day, because that’s when vendors want to sell as many items as they can and will lower their prices in hopes of getting more sales.

Pay Attention to Quality

A valuable vintage find is not only pleasant to the eye (and the pocketbook), it is also an authentic piece that is in good condition. Before you buy something, check the item carefully to see if it is damaged, badly repaired, or shows signs of being a knock-off. If you find something that has parts glued or stapled on, you will know right away that it isn’t a good quality item. You owe it to yourself to only buy the best quality items you can find, so hold out for something better.

Form Good Relationships with Vendors You Like

If you go to a flea market a few times, you will see the same vendors there who go every week. Talk to them and get to know them, and they will remember you the next time you visit, especially if you buy more than one item from them. They may give you a discount, or put aside the kinds of items they know you would enjoy. Just being friendly and appreciative really pays off in a case like this.

Enjoy the Search

There is a lot to keep in mind while you are looking for something to buy at the flea market, but remember that flea market shopping is supposed to be fun, not tiring or stressful. You might not find the perfect vintage item right away, but when you do, it will be worth the hours of walking and searching.